Cleaning of biomass boilers

Below we explain what biomass boiler cleaning consists of and what is related to its maintenance.

From limpiezas técnicas industriales we offer you the opportunity to see how to act with this type of boiler.

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The biomass boiler: operation and maintenance 

The biomass boiler requires a minimum of maintenance. For your part, you will have to empty the ashtray from time to time. In addition, you should periodically call a professional who will check your entire installation and clean it if necessary; the law requires you to do this (at least) every two years.

Also, if your boiler is a wood-fired boiler, you should not forget to stock up in winter. You will also need a place to store this fuel, such as a barn or garage, so log models are not really suitable for small houses or flats.

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Biomass boiler: the advantages

The biomass boiler is therefore relatively expensive to purchase, install and maintain. This is its main drawback, especially when fully automated models are chosen, which are even more expensive.

But then, how can we explain the French enthusiasm for this product? Have they gone mad? Probably not…

Biomass: an environmentally friendly energy source

Taking into account its entire life cycle, biomass energy is very clean: it emits almost no CO2. It is true that boilers emit benzene and fine particles, but 80% of these pollutant emissions are linked to the first 10 minutes of ignition (as well as when refilling the chimney); with an automated system, or simply with a good personal technique, it is possible to improve your ecological balance. 

It is enough, among other things, to choose the right heating (an oversized system will work at low revolutions and will be more polluting), to choose the right wood (no more soft wood), to use it only in extra-dry conditions.

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Caldera aceite térmico

The method of ignition also matters a lot. Did you know, for example, that in the practice of “top ignition”, you could reduce pollutant emissions from your boiler by 30 to 50%? 

A cost-effective source of energy… in the long term

We used to say that biomass was quite expensive for private individuals… But is it really so? Because in the long term, this energy source could well prove profitable, especially in a context where the price of hydrocarbons has been rising for years, as has the price of nuclear electricity… Wood, on the other hand, remains a stable and economical commodity. For one simple reason: it is an abundant, renewable and therefore inexhaustible resource.

Moreover, when maintained, boilers have a very good service life, which can easily exceed 20 years. So, by installing a biomass boiler in your home, you are sure to boost your assets for possible resale.

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