Limpiezas técnicas industriales Thermal oil flushing

Thermal oil flushing

At Limpiezas Técnicas Industriales we make it possible for the oil flow to be ideal for the operation of the machinery by cleaning the pipes, filters, etc.

Limpiezas técnicas industriales is a company that takes responsibility for its work and treats it with the delicacy and dedication required for each task.

Below you will find information related to thermal oil flushing.

Oil flushing:

The turbulence created is very important in order to drag the contaminants and carry them to the filter. In this case the filtration is not so important as the contaminants are usually coarser. What is more important is the speed of oil circulation in the system. Examples are circuit cleaning after piping modifications.

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Flushing de aceite térmico
Flushing de aceite térmico

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