Cleaning of thermal oil boilers

Limpiezas técnicas industriales (Lti) carries out thermal oil cleaning jobs with the most demanding and professional operators.

The continuous advancement of boiler cleaning issues for Lti is a continuous challenge which leads to a continuous preparation in both maintenance and cleaning tasks.

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Thermal oil boiler maintenance.

The main industry-specific maintenance procedures for thermal oil boilers are as follows:

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Caldera aceite térmico
Caldera aceite térmico

Thermal oil analysis.

Thermal oil, as a heat carrier in the equipment, is an essential element of the equipment and the proper functioning and safety of the equipment and personnel depends on its good condition.

It is essential that thermal oil is regularly analysed and inspected by a specialist, who will report on its suitability for further use.

Renewal of thermal oil pumps.

The thermal oil pumps are responsible for circulating the thermal oil in the system.

Correct adjustment and checking that they are properly seated are prerequisites for safe operation.

Checking the expansion vessel.

The expansion vessel is a unique component of thermal oil systems. It is responsible for absorbing the increase in volume of the heat transfer fluid as its temperature rises.

It is also responsible for ensuring the correct level of thermal oil in the system.

For this reason, it is necessary to regularly check the internal condition of the tank and the associated instruments.

Checking the central reservoir or distributor.

Another unique component of thermal oil systems is the expansion tank. Its purpose is to capture any increase in the volume of thermal oil leaving the expansion tank.

It is also designed to store thermal oil during any system downtime.

It is therefore important to regularly check the condition of this component.

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