Plate heat exchanger cleaning

At Limpiezas técnicas industriales (Lti) we take care of cleaning plate heat exchangers and all that this entails.

We carry out their revision, cleaning of the plate heat exchangers and maintenance from the moment they are stopped until they are put into operation.

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Our industrial technical cleaners have many years of experience in the sector, they are continually training in new developments to go hand in hand with new technologies and advances in all maintenance cleaning of plate heat exchangers.

From the industrial technical cleaning team (Lti) it is and will always be a pleasure to inform you of any questions that may arise and help you in the work of your machines are fully ready.

Here is some information about the cleaning of plate heat exchangers.

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Plate heat exchangers:

Intercambiador de placas
Intercambiador de placas

Our specialities:

  • Boiler cleaning, both pre-operational and periodic.
  • Pipe cleaning: initial cleaning, blowing and passivation, cleaning to restore original diameters, etc.
  • Cleaning of cooling towers, both mechanical and chemical. 
  • Cleaning of tubular and plate heat exchangers, both mechanical and chemical (by recirculation).

LTI is continuously researching and developing new methods of waste disposal in plate heat exchanger cleaning with a powerful technical department that studies each problem that our customers present to us, trying to offer the best professional response in each installation.

For LTI, every job is a new challenge.

Plate heat exchanger service:

An unplanned outage paralyses the entire operation, costing time, money and nerves. Rely on specific maintenance of heat exchangers or plate heat exchangers with industrial technical cleaning (LTI) to ensure that downtime is planned in advance and kept to a minimum.

Our industrial technical cleaning (Lti) experts have many years of experience with different makes and models. In addition, you have the possibility to service your plate heat exchanger or the complete plate heat exchanger in our own equipment.

In addition to cost-effective replacement and on-site service, i.e. disassembly, installation and all other service-related tasks.

A plate heat exchanger is a special type of heat exchanger. It consists of corrugated profiled plates assembled in a special way so that the heated medium and then the heat-emitting medium can pass through successive slots.

For the industrial technical cleaning equipment (Lti) it is important that the plate pack is well sealed both on the outside and between the supports, that it is bolted together, and that the plate heat exchangers are clean. This design makes the screw plate heat exchangers easily expandable and flexible.

Plate heat exchanger design.

Welded construction is very popular for plate heat exchangers. The plates are welded together and the fastening screws can be removed. However, this has the disadvantage that defective plates in the plate pack cannot be replaced individually.

In this case, the entire plate heat exchanger has to be replaced. Another design consists of two plates welded together by laser welding to form gas-tight cassettes. This set of plates is in turn connected by clamping screws and the individual plates can be removed and replaced at any time without any problems.

The compact design and small dimensions of the plate heat exchanger make them interesting in a wide variety of applications. They are very popular in industrial thermal engineering or in solar technology.

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